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Two years ago after a prayer-filled life, my sister-in-law, Joan Ann Calore, went to be with her Lord. I still recall words she said to me nearly 40 years ago --- just days preceding the great flood of 1972 --- before the Wyoming Valley had been inundated with flood mud and water. In an alarming way she said, "Harrisburg is being flooded just as there is an abortion debate taking place in this, our State Capitol!" She had made the connection between God, sin, and natural disaster. Being naive, I had known nothing about abortion nor had I ever thought of such a correlation. Of course, Floods are not Divine Punishments, but perhaps they can be God's way of guiding His children away from their present day sin. I now wonder how much longer will God be patient with mankind as we continue with this most abominable sin of abortion. I recently heard Bill Clinton give a Candidate credit for preventing floods by his votes for a levy system. On the contrary, perhaps such a candidate who votes for abortion is quite responsible for a natural disaster.
Nov. 2010 - Chris Calore


It seems apparent to me that to serve the Pro-Life Cause, in any capacity, is a gift from God. It is not something that we, ourselves, have decided or 'dreamed-up'. It is a 'Calling from the Lord'. That is why it is crucial that those of us who serve the Pro-Life Cause, always stay in 'God's Grace'. If we are Catholic, that means frequenting the Sacrament of Confession. For non-Catholics, that means routinely asking in prayer for God's forgiveness and Mercy. Recall that He warned us, "Apart from Me you can do nothing". So, we must never think that we can accomplish Pro-Life work ourselves even when we are not living in God's friendship. This would be the sin of Pride and our good work would come to nothing. Also, there is the fear of our falling away from this 'Calling' altogether. We must continually be in His friendship for our humble Pro-Life work to be accomplished and, hopefully, to flourish.
Chris Calore - Sept. 2010




Thank God there is a Father Harry Lewis. Father will be 99 years young on September 19th, 2010. He thanks God he enjoys good health. He is truly a Father figure we always could look up to in this battle for the protection of Human Life. Father was our Chapter's first Spiritual Adviser and was consistently present at our monthly meetings over the many years. Father offered his Church Hall to us before we had a Center of our own. I admire his expertise and his keen understanding about 'how Government works.' I recall, when Father was right on a topic he was never afraid to let others know it while giving plenty of examples to prove his point. When he was wrong, he would humbly apologize. Until recently, Father Marched with us up Capitol Hill every January 22nd at the 'March for Life'. Father recently raised some eyebrows in an optometrist's waiting room as I helped him fill out an application. He answered, "Yes, I was born in 1911; No, I don't have a physician; No, I don't take any medication." I sat in on an interview Father gave to a reporter last month. I'm amazed how Father is just as passionate about his Priesthood today as he must have been 60 years ago as a newly Ordained Priest.

Chris Calore - Sept. 2010

From all your Pro-Life friends, Happy Birthday Father Lewis!



Pro-Life Demonstration by Silent Witnesses

The last Wednesday's of the month (except in the Winter) Pro-Life friends, seen here, gather from 7:30 am to 9:00 am on the North Street Bridge, beginning at the Kingston side. Consider joining us and give silent witness by holding a poster to show the value of every human life and the evil of every abortion. It is said that "If we don't stand-up for something we'll fall for anything."
Chris Calore - Sept. 2010










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